Everything Known about Dragon Age Inquisition – Spoiler Information

Edit: 17/11/2014: With game about to be released and there being more information out than I can keep up with by myself especially with spoilers don’t think I will make anymore updates. I couldn’t keep this as updated as I would have liked but it’s more time consuming than one wold think. However if there’s any information you think should be here let me know and I try to add it.

All the Spoilery information such as story details, characters, enemies, etc

Everything else is in here

The Inquisitor

  • Human Inquisitor is from Trevelyan family [1] They are not related to Amells (Family where Hawkes mother comes from and mage human Warden) [1] Trevelyans are noble family from Ostwick with family ties to Chantry and Templars. Human Inquisitor is the youngest child of the family and rogue/warrior was sent to Chantry conclave to assist relatives hoping to make peace between mages and templars. Mage was sent to Ostwick’s Circle and fought their way to freedom when the CIrcles rebelled. She/He was part of mage delegation of mages attending a Chantry conclave hoping to negotiate peace. [16]
  • Elf Inquisitor is always Dalish [3] and his/her surname is Lavellan [1] Elven Inquisitor Lavellan clan (Lavellan is apparently also name of the clan) in Free Marches and was sent to spy Chantly conclave. Warrior/Rogue was hunter for the clan and mage was apparentice to the Keeper [16]
  • Dwarf Inquisitors surname is Cadash [1] Dwarven Warrior/Rogue Inquisitor is surfacer whos worked for the Carta in various Free March  city-states until he/she was sent to Chantry conclave as spy when everything changed. Cadash family apparently is ruthless crime family [16]
  • Qunari Inquisitors surname is Adaar [1] and is Vashoth (was born outside of Qun and never introduced to it) Qunari Inquisitor was part of Valo-kas mercenary company who were sent to Chantry conclave as a hired swords to keep the peace between mages and templars [16]


  • There are 8 romances in total [1]
  • Two are race restricted [1]
  • confirmed options are Cassandra (straight), Cullen (straight and humans/elves only), Sera (Gay), Dorian (Gay), Iron Bull (BI), Josephine (BI), Solas (female elf only) and Blackwall (Straight)

Returning (or not) Characters

  • Morrigan is back
  • Flemeth makes appearance [1]
  • Dagna will also be in game [1] [8]
  • Gideon Emery is doing voices for DA:I but it’s unknown if he’s voicing Fenris or other character [1]
  • Shale isn’t in Inquisition [1]
  • There are characters from books [1]
  • Zevran won’t be making an appearance [1]
  • Mika Simmos will return as Anora [4]
  • Steve Valentine will return as Alistair [5] [6]
  • Hawke will make appearance and character next to her (Hawke in trailer was female) is not the Warden (Hero of the Ferelden) [11] [12]
  • Stroud will also will also return and is involved with quest along with Hawke (Sorry can’t find the source)

Other NPC

  • Corporal RosslinMarquis Durellion and Lady Couteau are voiced by three of the German voice contest winners [was from german magazine]
  • Comtess Elodie voiced by Mháire Stritter in german version [also german magazine]
  • I’m not sure if those names are german version or english version though
  • Thamond. He’s seems to be captain for the Inquisition [8]
  • Alexius is Tevinter Magister and was Dorians mentor.  He’s also member of Venatori [9]
  • Felix is Alexius son [9]
  • Harding, She’s scout leader for Inquisition [14] [15]
  • Sky Watcher is Avvar warrior that amy join you as a Agent [14] [15]
  • Widris is mage apostate hiding in the Fallow Mire [14]
  • Steven Kelly and Rosie Bucknel are two winners from Take Your Place in Inquisition contest and will voice character in the game [18]


  • Game is set in Orlais and Ferelden
  • Specific known areas
  • Crestwood [8]
  • Save screen showed location names for The Western Approach, Frostback Pass, Mahashin Marches, and The Southern Desolution [8]
  • The Western Approach contains Griffon Wing Keep which you can take over, Agent window showed things in this region such as: The Shattered Colossus massive statue which history is lost. It can be restored to become symbol for Inquisitions authority, The Westgate to be restored to get easy access to some ruins. Theres also Valley filled with some sort of poisonius gas that you need to find way around (Using agents) and there’s also a dragon in area. [8]
  • The Fallow Mire. In this are there’s Hargrave Keep which is involved with main quest for this area. There are two Rifts you need to close. You can establish two camps for the Inquisition. There’s land marks to claim. THey serve as objects to unluck codex etries for most part. [14]
  • Valammar (Deep Roads) [21]


  • Avvar (Defender/Bowman), Corpse, Fereldan Frostback, Rage Demon, Terror, Venatori (Mage/Spellbinder/Zealot), Wraith, Red Templars, Elf Mage, Troll, Dragons [7] [13]
  • There are Red Templar Behomoths [8]
  • Wyvern [10]
  • Venatori follows something called The Elder One who seems to be the main villain [11] ]13]
  • Shade [15]
  • Fear and Terror Demons [19]
  • Envy Demon [20]
  • Carta Leader, Carta Bowman, Carta Assassin, Hurlock Alpha, Templar Archer, Templar Defender [21]
  • Outlaws [22]

Codex Entries

  • Archers, Fennec, Foot Soldiers, Wraith and Shade [7]
  • Bruiser [13]
  • Corpse, Veilfire in the Fallow MIre, Blood Lotus [15]
  • Darkspawn, Hurlock [21]


  • Crestwood and your keep there are attacked by Red Templars at some point. Toy can choose to command your troops there led by Thamond to either stay with the wounded soldiers, protect the village or your keep. It’s possible to save both village and the keep [8]
  • Venatori led by Alexius will at some point take over Redcliffe Castle. In one possible scenario Leliana was sent here in mission but has to be rescued. When confronting Alexius Leliana will kill Felix, Alexius son which will anger him and cause him to attack you. It’s unknown what happens if for exaple someone else instaed of Leliana was sent here. [9]
  • In location called the Fallow Mire, you need to rescue some of you troops from the Avvar led by “Hand of Korth” at some point [13] [14]
  • The Inquisitor was called “the Herald of Andraste” by his/her Troops [13]
  • Avvar warrior named Sky Watcher may join the Inquisition. He may help you wiht closing one of the Rifts in the Fallow Mire [13] [14]
  • Before you gain Skyhold your allies will gather at the village of Haven [17]
  • During the game you can pass judgement on people. Some may involve executions, making mage Tranquile, making person your court jester or even your ambassadors ( Father of chieftain who you had killed will attack your castle…with dead goat) [17]
  • At some point you can go to Valammar to elimate Carta Leader (Quest: Deep Trouble)



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Everything Known about Dragon Age Inquisition

Edit: 17/11/2014: With game about to be released and there being more information out than I can keep up with by myself I don’t think I will make anymore updates. I couldn’t keep this as updated as I would have liked but it’s more time consuming than one would think. However if there’s any information you think should be here let me know and I try to add it.

Spoilers stuff in [Click….or don’t]


  • Game is developed on Frostbite 3 Engine
  • Release date is November 18 (USA) and November 21 (Europe)
  • Game will be released on PS3, XBOX 360, PS4, XBOX One and PC
  • PC version will have one time online activation via Origins [1]
  •  PC version requires Origin client [1]
  • The PC version will support controller or mouse/keyboard [9]

Pre-order and Editions

  • Standart Pre-order Edition includes Flames of Inquisition Weapons Arsenal
  • Deluxe Edition includes Flames of Inquisition (Fire enchanted weapons and armor), Red Hart mount (Stag like creature), Bog Unicorn mount (Undead horse with sword through it’s head), Armored Horse mount, skyhold throne (Throne made from dragon bones) and digital soundtrack.
  • Collectors Edition will have everything above and more physical goodies such as cloth map, coins, badges etc. In more detail go here (Yes I’m lazy >_>)
  • Deluxe Edition goodies will be available as separate DLCs [3]

Save Importing [4]

  • There is no direct save importing like in previous games instead we get to make our world states in Keep (It will be web page)
  • Choices from DA:O, DA2 and all DLC are included whatever you ever bought them.
  • There’s no offline save importing as of now so you have to be online to import you world state after which you can go offline
  • More in source link

Dialogue System

  • There will be three different wheels. Tone, Reaction and Action Wheels. [5]
  • Tone Wheel is basically like wheel in DA2 where you choose in what tone you respond in conversations. Diplomatic/Humorous/Aggressive from DA2 has been replaced with Noble/Clever/Direct and there aren’t alternate tone variants that were in DA2 [5]
  • Reaction Wheel is where you select a emotional response to the event (sad, confused, surprised etc.) There will always be “Stoic” option which is basically the neutral option. [5]
  • Action Wheel is where you choose the action you’re going to take. Such as save person A or save person B. Hovering over the option pop-up will show up elaborating on what the action will be. [5]
  • There will be investigation and special options. Special options showing up in situations where  you have certain party member or  being certain race/class, had made certain past choices etc. [5]
  • There isn’t much details how Friendship/Rivalry system works but it won’t be like in DA2 or Origins [5]
  • You can simply walk away from conversations [12]

Character Creation

  • Male qunari is a bit shorter than Iron Bull [10]
  • No chest hair the Inquisitor [10] (Varric has all the chest hair in Thedas XD)
  • You can customize qunari horns [10]
  • The Inquisitor can’t have heterochromia [10]
  • You can choose both inner and outer colors of iris [10]
  • You can have scars [10]
  • Qunari has skin tones from darker to lighter [10]
  • There is no body slider [10]
  • There are more lip option (Than say in DA:O) [10]
  • They are trying to get more hair styles [10]
  • You get to choose from two voices per gender [10]
  • Character cration start at very begining [10]
  • Voices for the Inquisitor are:
    • Harry Hadden-Paton – Has not worked with Bioware before
    • Jon Curry – Zevran Arainai (DA:O and DA2) Ser Landry and Fort Drakon Captain (DA:O) also additional voices in ME2, ME3 and SWTOR
    • Sumalee Montano – Nyreen Kandros (ME3 Omega DLC)
    • Alix Wilton Regan – Samantha Traynor (ME3), Ser Cauthrien, Sanga and Petra (DA:O) Mhairi and Ser Tamra (DA:A) Macha, Lilley and Templar Ruvena (DA2)
  • Humas get bonus skill points [7]
  • Dwarves get bonus 25% to Magic Defence [7]
  • Elves get bonus 25% to Ranged Defence [7]
  • Qunari get bonus 50 points to health [7]
  • Qunari don’t get tattoos at character creator. Instead that get their own head “gear” that is sort of war paint [28]


  • We get the three classes from previous games. Warrior, mage and rogue. All classes are available to all races except mage for dwarfs.
  • Each class has three specializations but only one can be chosen per playthrough. [6]
  • Warrior Specialization are Champion (Tank/Defender), Templar and Reaver [7]
  • Mage Specializations are Knight Enchanter (Melee magic something like Arcane Warrior), Necromancer and Rift Mage [7]
  • Rogue Specializations are Artificer ( Traps), Assassin and Tempest [7]
  • Knight Enchanter summons his/hers weapons [10] (Something like weapon conjuration in Elder Scrolls)
  • There isn’t dual wielding warriors [10]

Skill Trees

The Inquisitors Skill Trees (Specializations not included)

  • Warrior: Two-Handed and Weapon and Shield [13] Battlemaster (Based on skills) [13] [27]
  • Mage:
  • Rogue: Double Daggers, Sabotage, Subterfuge, Archery [27]

Companions Skill Trees

  • Dorian: Inferno, Winter and Spirt [11]
  • Cassandra: Weapon and Shield, Two-Handed [27]
  • Iron Bull: Battlemaster, Two-Handed [27]
  • Varric: Archery, Artificer [27]
  • Solas: Inferno, Spirit, Storm, Winter [27]
  • Sera:
  • Vivienne:
  • Cole:
  • Blackwall:

Spells and Abilities [27]

For specifics of the skills [Link]

Inferno (Mage)

  • Flashfire
  • Pyromancer
  • Fire Mine
  • Immolate
  • Flashpoint:
  • Clean Burncasting
  • Wall of Fire
  • Chaotic Focus

Winter (Mage)

  • Winter Stillness
  • Ice Armor
  • Blizzard
    • Ice Storm
  • Ice Mine
  • Wall of Ice

Two-Handed (Warrior)

  • Block and Slash
  • Flow of Battle
  • Pommel Strike
    • Lightning Jab
  • Shield-Breaker
  • Whirlwind
    • Rising Wind
  • Earthshaking Strike:
    • Shattering Ground
  • Clear a Path
  • Guard-Smasher
  • Flawless Defence
  • Mighty Blow

Weapon and Shield (Warrior)

  • Lunge and Slash
    • Great Lunge
  • Warrior’s Resolve
  • Turn the Blade
  • Shield Wall
    • Chevalier’s Step

Storm (Mage)

  • Chain Lightning
    • Arcing Surge
  • Lightning Bolt
    • Exploding Bolt
  • Static Cage
  • Static Charge
  • Conductive Current
  • Gathering Storm
  • Energy Barrage
  • Stormbringer

Spirit (Mage)

  • Barrier:
    • Elegant Defence
  • Peaceful Aura
  • Mind Blast
    • Fortifying Blast
  • Guardian Spirit
  • Strength of Spirits
  • Dispel
  • Revival

Knight Enchanter (Mage Specialization)

  • Spirit Blade:
    • Defending Blade
  • Resurgence
  • Veiled Riposte
  • Fade Cloak
    • Decloacking Blast

Artificer (Rogue Specialization)

  • Spike Trap
    • Watch Your Step
  • Set Them Up
  • Hail of Arrows
  • Bait and Switch
    • Fallback Plan
  • Opportunity Knocks
  • Tricks of the Blade
  • And Take Them Down
  • Throw Everything

Archery (Rogue)

  • Full Draw
    • Stunning Shot
  • Pincushion
  • Long Shot
    • Archer’s Lance

Subterfuge (Rogue)

  • Evade
    • Hidden Step
  • Mercy Killing
  • Knockout Powder
    • Deep Sleep
  • Ambush
  • Stealth
    • Lost in the Shadows
  • Shadow Strike
  • Evasion
  • Easy to Miss

Sabotage (Rogue)

  • Poisoned Weapons
    • Infected Wounds
  • Fighting Dirty
  • Explosive Toxin
  • Toxic Cloud
  • Looked Like It Hurt
  • Hook and Tackle
    • It Beats Walking
  • Cheap Shot
  • Throwing Blades
  • Caltrops
    • Tread Lightly

Double Daggers (Rogue)

  • Flank Attack
  • Bloodied Prey
  • Twin Fangs
    • Ripping Fangs
  • Parry
    • Effortless Riposte
  • Unforgiving Chain
  • Spinning Blades

Battlemaster (Warrior)

  • Grappling Chain
  • Deep Reserves
  • Horn of Valor
  • Coup de Grace
  • Combat Roll
  • Hamstring
  • Crippling Blows

Unsorted Skills (Can guess which skill tree most belong to but I rather only add them when I 100% sure)

  • Spells: Firestorm, Searing Glyph,, Winter’s Grasp. Skiils: Dragon-Rage, Explosive Shot, Leaping Shot, War Cry. [11]
  • Mark of the Rift [13]
  • Fallback Plan. Only availabe to Varric and the Inquisitor. It allows you to place gadget on the ground which serves as instant return spot. It can provide tactical aid too should you lay tarps around it and “kidnap” nearby enemies when teleporting to it. [16]
  • When closing Fade Rifts the Inquisitor can use his/her fade powers (Mark of the Rift perhaps) to disrupt the rift whichs causes shockwave that damages and/or stuns enemies [16]
  • Payback Strike, Challenge, Shield Bash [28]

I would say Winter’s Grasp is in Winter Tree, I also seen Vivienne use it and Barrier [28] so I would say she has Winter and Spirit Trees available. Explosive Shot and Leaping Shot most likyly in Archery Tree. Firestorm in Inferno Tree. War Cry was in Origins Champion Tree Skill.


  • Fallen companions can be revied pressing certain key next to them (similar to ME3) [11]
  • Warrior can pull enemies toward them [12]
  • Tactical view is available [12]
  • Keeps you take over can be specialize in military, espionage or commerce [12]
  • Camps you establish serve as fast travel points [14]
  • War Table missios are timed and they are in real time. some missios might take hours but there is in game way to shorten the timer [15]
  • AI Tactic customizing is availavble [16]
  • No weapons or armor degrading [16]
  • Skill cooldowns can be shorten with skill upgrades or passives. More powerful skills have longer cooldowns [16]
  • Enemies don’t have sync-kill/instant death moves
  • Using two swords isn’t available to rogues or warriors [16]
  • It’s possible to “scout” enemies. To see if area has any tactical advantages etc. [16]
  • Weapons are class restricted [16]
  • No finishing moves [16]
  • Mana and stamina regeneta between battles Health does not.[16]
  • Skill combos are back along with cross-slass combos [16]
  • There are abilites that uses focus. Focus is earned when party members does damage to enemies. Focus is earned as group but used as individual. Meaning if one party member never did any damge to enemies they would still gain focus when other party members do. Also when one party member uses ability that uses focus others still have their gained focus. [16]
  • You can run away from battle [28]
  • Enemies don’t scale with you [28]


  • Skyhold is you main base and seat of power [21]
  • SKyhold has the war table where you assing your agents [21]
  • Parts of Skyhold exband as you progress [21]
  • You can custumize what to do with parts of the keep as well as decoration [21]
  • New customizing options are gained by exploring, completing quests or buying them [21]
  • Parts of the keep are: Throne room, dungeon/jail, tavern, library, garden (you can choose which plants to grow), vault, kitchen, guard tower, rookery, training ground and others [21]
  • The Keep also has crafting areas for smithing, enchanting and potion making [21]
  • There are over 300 missions and operations available on the war table [22]
  • Peration are timed and are in real time. Some operations might take day or more to complete. [24] Time will progress even when you’re not playing.
  • Your advisors, Leliana (espionage), Cullen (military) and Josephine (politics), will have different ways to complete them [22]
  • By doing operations you gain gold, rare crafting materials, weapons/equipment, new recruits, or even ability to rebuild structures you’ve seen on your adventures [22]
  • You can place judgement on  your prisoners [23]


  • It’s 4 player co-op [17]
  • There is no pvp [17]
  • Multiplayer doesn’t effect single player [17]
  • Levels are based on single player campaign [17]
  • Levels have some form of randomizing. For example if you’re playing in elven ruin level each part of it is randomized. [17]
  • MP characters work for the Inquisition [17]
  • MP is more of dungeon crawler type [18]
  • There is 10 different zones/levels [18]
  • There are treasure rooms [18]
  • You can melt gear you can’t use for crafting materials [18]
  • There will be 12 characters to choose at launch [18]
  • Characters have their own backstories and they may banter with each other [18]
  • Level cap is 20 [18]
  • Characters are:
    • Raever [18] (Human female warrior named Tamar)
    • Elementalist [18] (Human male mage named Rion)
    • Legionnaire [18] (Dwarf male warrior named Korbin)
    • Keeper [18] (Elf female mage named Neria)
    • Archer [18] (Human male rogue named Hall)
    • Necromancer [18] (Mage)
    • Hunter [18] (Rogue)
    • Alchemist [18] (Rogue, female dwarf judging from art)
    • Templer [19](Warrior, looks like human female judgin from art)
    • The Assasin [20]( Human female rogue named Argent)
    • Katari [25] (Qunari male warrior)
    • Arcane Warrior (Mage)
  • There are over 130 weapon and over 80 armor customizations [25]


  • While riding on mounts your companions will disappear and will reappear when dismounted.You can collect different mounts and then choose which one to ride by summoning them. Most are gained through quests and there’s no flying mounts. [8]
  • Known mounts: Horse, Red Hart (Digital Deluxe Edition), Bog “Unicorn” (Digital Deluxe Edition), Lizard-like Creatures /lizard like horse (or this link), A nug water buffalo creature, Exotic beasts
  • Mounts don’t increase carrying capacity [10]


  • There are no capes [10]
  • Qunari has diffferent head slot [10]
  • Armor will look different depending on you race. You can craft different style armors however [10] (Or that how I saw that answer)
  • There are no pole-arms [10]
  • Weapons are restricted by class [10]
  • Varric use any other bows than Bianca. He can dual wield though [10]
  • Rogues will use daggers and no swords [10]


  • You can craft weapons and armor
  • You can customize each piece of weapon (like hilt or blade) [9]
  • For exaple you can craft mage outfit with stats for rogues [10]
  • You can make potions for health, mana and stamina [10]
  • You can make bombs full of bees [10] Summons swarm of bees to target location and will inflict damage to nearby enemies and has chance to make them panic. Can be crafted using 1 Blood Lotus [26]
  • There are Rock Armor potions [12] Gives bonus to armor rating. Can be crafted using 1 Elfroot [26]
  • There is poisoon called Tears of the Dead [13] Poison applied to weapon that causes damage for next 3 hits. Can be crafted using 1 Blood Lotus [26]
  • Mighty Offence Tonic: Gives Damage bonus. Can be crafted using 1 Elfroot [26]
  • Regeneration Potion: Restores health overtime. Can be crafted using 1 Elfroot [26]
  • Fire/Frost/Elecrical/Spirit Resistance Tonics: Gives 40% resistance [26]

Companions and Advisors

  • For more information of individual characters go to [Warriors] [Rogues] [Mages] [Advisors]
  • Advisors can’t be in your party [10]
  • Advisors can have banter dialogue [10]
  • There is banter at your holds as well as when traveling [10]
  • Advisors approval work differently from followers [10]
  • You can hug some of your advisors/companions [10]
  • Advisors won’t leave you [10]
  • Approval system isn’t like in DA:O or DA2 [10]
  • You can join the banter
  • If you choose not to join in the banter goes on [10]
  • There are companion quests [10]



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Everything known about Mass Effect “4”

I’m indifferent about spoilers so I don’t really know what people consider no, no spoilers. Though I don’t think there’s anything that spoilery out yet. I separate information available into categories.



  • Game is developed by Bioware Montreal and is supported by Bioware Edmonton.  (Bioware has three studios. Edmonton (Mass Effect, Dragon Age and all the older games), Montreal (they did the Omega DLC for ME3 and multiplayer) and Austin ( The Old Republic). [1]
  • Game is developed using Frostbite Engine 3 (Same engine is used for DA:I)
  • Design for next ME started late 2012 [2]


(everything below so far are from sources  5 or 7)

  • Mako is making return better than before (hopefully XD)
  • Mako looks very different from before
  • There’s no cannon on it
  • They are looking into about customizing Mako
  • Concept art indicates seats for three people (hinting return of three member squads maybe)

Armor/Casual Clothes

(also from sources 5 or 7)

  • Armors are design exploration in mind and to be as realistic as possible
  • They are designed to be customizable by adding armor pieces to base armor
  • There’s also under-armor system of sort. The exterior armor pieces don’t have to be on the player at all times but are “build” upon casual clothing ( I understand this as you have your casual clothing and then add armor pieces over it)
  • Female casual clothing will be less “slutty” (as fan questioner put it)


  • Game features brand new story and new hero and has nothing to do with Shepard [3]
  • There might be some reference to trilogy and possible returning characters [4][5] [7]
  • Player character can be male or female human [5] [7]
  • Hero gets to wear N7 armor and “has something to do with N7” [5] [7]
  • Other playable races hasn’t been locked down [5] [7]
  • Krogans will be in game [4][6]
  • You can have aliens in your squad [5] [7]
  • There will be whole new region of space [6] the Andromeda Galaxy [8]
  • Familiar aliens from previous game will return and  there will  be new aliens races as well [5][7]
  • All crew/squad etc will be new characters [8]
  • N7 in the announcement trailer is not the player character [8]


  • They are looking at creatures of all sizes
  • Enviroments include, destroyed urban, arid, grassy and snowy areas [5] [6]
  • They prefer co-op to pvp for multiplayer. It isn’t confirmed there is MP [5] [7]



[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Mass Effect “4” – All video links

Not much on next Mass Effect game but I will be updating this as new videos are released

E3 First Look Preview – I did small speculation post on this trailer.

Charting a Course: Developing Next Mass Effect – Showing little bit of male and female human hero  and armors. Telling about new Mako and showing it in action and fan questions.

MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA Official E3 2015 Announce Trailer

Dragon Age Inquisition – All Video links

Mostly something for myself to find them faster. Also let me know if I missed something.

The Fires Above –  E3 2013 Teaser Trailer

A World Unveiled – Biowares vision and basics of the game

Discover the Dragon Age –  Shows different locations and scenery. Narrated by Harry Hadden-Paton I believe.

Gameplay Trailer – The Inquisitor – Some gameplay and little by of story of the Inquisitor

Lead Them or Fall –  Shows some of your companion and advisors in action

Lady Insanitys Analysis of Lead Them or Fall

Stand Together – Even more of your companions. Blackwall, Sera, Iron Bull and Vivianne

E3 2014 Demo Part 1 – The Hinterlands – Has major story spoilers

E3 2014 Demo Part 2 – Redcliffe Castle – Has major story spoilers

Gameplay Features – Combat – Showing combat duh

Warming Up with Claudia Black – Mostly just something fun

The Art of Voiceover with Brian Bloom and Claudia Black – They tell about voice acting and little bit of their characters

All a stir for Alistair – Steve Valentine about his experience with Alistair fans

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There’s couple Gaymer Panel videos that may have info in the Inquisition but I haven’t got the time to actually watch them yet

Mass Effect “4” E3 Preview video speculations.

I’m late on everything >_> Anyhow this is the video I’m talking about and there’s really two things I really want to speculate

First is this character

There’s speculation that is the main character and some are worried that it’s Shepard 2.0.

1. Well it could really be the main character and he/she is N7. Bioware has said however that they don’t want to make Shepard 2.0. So while the new PC might have same training as Shepard he/she might not be active soldier for the Alliance anymore. Duo to dishonorable discharge, left by his/her own choice etc. There will be combat and to me it would make more sense if PC has previous training with guns such as ex-Alliance soldier that being civilian that suddenly knows how to use guns properly.

2. Why N7? Well it has become sort of brand for ME so it’s more recognized than any other Alliance training program. Also they might have just slapped that N7 just to say “Hey! Look it’s Mass Effect”.

3. Is it really the main character? It could be important NPC or squad mate for all we know.

Second thing I like to talk little about is what looks like krogan. Krogan that has horn coming out of its head plate to be specific. Perhaps it’s one of krogan sub-race that has horns. New design for the krogans or just one of the ways to make them have more individual look instead of being clones with different skin colors.